I’m moving my blog across to…

To those of you who follow ‘The View from My Balcony’ by email or otherwise, thank you very much 🙂

As I’ve been struggling to maintain both my Writing Blog (The View) and my Travel blog (Nomadic Dreams) I’ve decided to integrate the two for now.  If you’d like to follow it, please visit Nomadic Dreams here: https://nomadicdreamsblog.wordpress.com which is a blog I started after turning 40 and realising I’d travelled to 34 countries in the world already, but had no meaningful record of all my travels in one place.  I started Nomadic Dreams to remind myself of all the places, cities, countries I’d been to, but also the friends and family I’d been with that had made those visits so memorable or special.  It’s also meant trawling through old digital photos that haven’t been seen in years and placing them in a more visible and accessible space, to me anyway and sharing my notes and brief recollections of visits with friends.

I’ll also use this space for writing tips and describing my writing experiences when the need hits me.  Hope you visit!  I’ll be deleting ‘The View From my Balcony’ in a week or so, as I think the time has come to do that.

Thanks for reading!