I recently visited this inspiring exhibition at Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts.  It’s been curated by Prashant Panjiar and novelist Siddharth Sanvanth Shanghvi.  Here are just three of the exhibits that I enjoyed…

Sensorium: A reflection of photography at its intersection with literature, cinema and music

1. Macondo: The World of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

In this extraordinary exhibit of words and photos, the photojournalist Macondo used ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ as a way of virtually accessing Colombia and was so inspired by Marquez’s words and topographies that he created visual representations of the writer’s world.

Sensorium 2014 Panjim 008

2. Photopoetry inspired by Octavio Paz’s poems

Subrata Biswas took this photo linked to Octavio Paz’s ‘The Balcony’ poem.

Sensorium 2014 Panjim 010

The Balcony –


in the middle of the night

not adrift with centuries

not spreading out


like a fixed idea

to the centre of incandescence


Two tall syllables

surrounded by insomnia and sand

I say them in a low voice

Nothing moves

the hour grows

Stretching out

3. Anusha Yadav’s India Memory Project

The India Memory Project was founded in 2010 and is based on the insight that personal pictures and stories also serve as a social documentation of a sub-continent. The online project is a curated and accessible archive that celebrates and connects the dots of a sub-continent’s history via images and stories sent by and collected from people from across the world.

Visit Yadav’s selection of curated photos, each one of which reflects the story of a nation through a personal story.  ‘Miss India 1970’ and ‘Love at First Photo’ are two of my favourites.

Sensorium 2014 Panjim 027

Sensorium will be at Sunaparanta until 5th February 2015.  For more information, see here.